dr. J. Samuel gorham IV

My career in business, project management, and higher education encompasses a broad range of disciplines and responsibilities, including strategic planning and foresight, execution, organizational transformation, process optimization, program management, and change management. This experience has been honed through leadership roles in the consumer products, supply chain and logistics, media and communications, and financial services industries. My formal credentials include a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership, a MBA in Project Management, and a PMP certification.

The core of any successful organization is its ability to consistently deliver value to stakeholders. As a scholar-practitioner and hands-on leader that thrives in a fast-paced environment, I’ve been able to apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace to develop high performing teams and accountability. Through servant leadership, I have mentored and motivated teams to execute with precision and deliver high quality results in both domestic and multinational organizational environments. As a professor, I am very application oriented and look for students to use problem solving and critical thinking skills. I apply real life examples to the concepts we cover in class and encourage my students to do the same. I am prepared to support students by realizing the pressures of life outside of the classroom and accommodate them with a framework of academic integrity and good classroom management.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Gorham feel free to view his LinkedIn profile at HTTP://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/PROFILE/VIEWID=1235132&TRK=NAV_RESPONSIVE_TAB_PROFILE.  Contact me directly at 404-932-5662 or email me at jsgorham11@gmail.com if you have any questions.